About Me

Information Technology Executive with global experience, aligning Information Technology departments to support company growth and reduce costs.  I have worked both internally and as an Information Technology consultant

Versed in international business requirements including: multi-language, multi-currency and multi-regulatory environments, creating single system solutions for multi-national problems

Held senior leadership positions in global corporations, developing systems architectures that are both flexible and sustainable allowing companies to absorb acquisitions and support rapid growth business models

Transformational IT Director

Not your “typical IT Director” by which I mean just a department administrator. My experience is far from Typical.

While I have managed IT departments as the top IT executive, all of my engagements have centered on major IT Architecture transformations.

My career can be looked at as a series of IT Department transformations for which I have architected solutions that provide the business with an IT department aligned with business goals and accountable to the business.  This new IT organization provides the business with system solutions that provide strategic advantage and acts as a Partner to the business. Placing them on the top of the IT pyramid.

IT pyramid, IT Transformation

My Approach Includes

  • Redefining IT’s role as a business partner, not a Utility Manager
  • Developing and implementing an agreed upon five year IT plan
  • Supporting the executive management team by enabling business through technology
  • Setting explicit IT service levels and then reliably delivering on them
  • Creating an effective and efficient IT organization by establishing IT policies and procedures