Technical Skills

When faced with new technology it has always been my practice to explore it hands on. In the case of a recent Siebel implementation we were required to integrate the system to both legacy systems and a new mobile application. Since this was to be done with web services I worked on a less critical ticket system using web services: SOA, WSDL, SOAP etc. in order to fully understand the technology. I was then able to use this knowledge to work with my team and the consultants to architect the integration between our systems. The team consisted of functional specialists from the company and technical experts from the consultant; I provided the glue that held the design team together. Similarly I taught myself J2EE before we started on the mobile integration. I am the kid who took clocks apart to understand how they work. This approach has provided me with the technical credibility needed to manage an IT staff.


  • Experienced on Mainframe, Midrange and PC platforms
  • Servers in centralized and distributed environments
  • Routers, Firewalls, NAC
  • IP telephony
  • CISCO products: Clean Access, Catalyst Switches, ASAs, CAM, CAS
  • EMC products: Recovery Point, Clariion Arrays
  • NetApp Arrays

Application Software:

  • ERP applications: Oracle, BPCS, and Cullinet.
  • Financial applications: GL, AR and, AP.
  • Customer Relationship Management: Siebel, SalesForce
  • Supply chain applications: forecasting, MRP, DRP, purchasing and vendor management.
  • Manufacturing applications: inventory control, shop floor control, and product costing.
  • Order fulfillment: customer order entry, shipping, warehouse management, contact management.
  • EDI
  • Workflow systems

Operating Systems: OS400, MVS, HP-UNIX, LINUX and all Windows operating systems.

Virtual Environments: VMware, vSphere, RecoverPointi.

Database Systems: ORACLE, MS SQL, DB400, IDMS/R and DBASE, MYSQL.

Programming Languages: .NET, C #, JAVA/JSP/J2EE, XML, PL/SQL, C++, HTML, FORTRAN, COBOL, RPGIII, FORTH and, Visual BASIC.

Scripting Languages: PHP, Java Script.

Data Warehousing, Business Intelligence: Impromptu, Cognos, Business Objects.

Work Group Collaboration Tools: Lotus Notes, and Outlook / Exchange .